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Development of M&E Frameworks

Development of M&E Frameworks

Below are examples of previous involvement undertaken by members of the Consulting Team with regards to the development of M&E frameworks.

Develop a monitoring and evaluation framework - Waterwise Perth Action Plan

QCA was appointed by DWER to design, deliver and report against an evaluation framework for the across government Waterwise Perth Action Plan (https://www.dwer.wa.gov.au/waterwise) and its 38 actions.

This included developing a program logic for the initiative and working with DWER staff in a capacity building role to enable the Department staff to have the methodologies, skills, knowledge and understanding to deliver against the evaluation framework in future years.

Objectives of the appointment included to:

  • Design a successful evaluation and reporting framework that identifies and captures outcomes across 38 action areas and 9 ten year targets.
  • Ensure that DWER and partner agency staff are able to use the framework for effective monitoring, evaluation and reporting. and
  • Build the skills and capacity of DWER and other government agencies’ staff to recognise and implement the principles and practices to deliver robust monitoring, evaluation and reporting in the future
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Framework

    QCA has was engaged by the Department of Communities to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (M&E) - with associated training materials, for the Empowering Communities Program (the Program).

    The Program aims to empower communities to be connected and inclusive places where people feel they belong, are valued and contribute. The Program is delivered throughout Western Australia (both metropolitan and rural locations).

    Forty two (42) service providers have been engaged in selected regions to provide diverse services to achieve these outcomes.

    QCA coordinated the development of an M&E Framework including indicators, data collection tools, responsibilities, data collation, analysis and reporting. This included creating/modifying new tools for data collection.

    Facilitate a Co-design Workshop for Sector Support

    QCA was appointed by the Department of Communities to design and facilitate a co-design workshop in order to inform the development of a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework for the Sector Support Development and Advocacy (SSDA) Program.

    Key participants included representatives from the peak bodies (14 individuals) and the Department of Communities staff.

    In addition to designing and hosting the Workshop, QCA prepared a report for distribution to participants on the outcomes of the design process.

    Review of the Aboriginal Health Programs (AHP) program design

    TQCA was appointed by the WACHS to review the draft Aboriginal Health Programs (AHP) design and associated documentation to facilitate future program performance monitoring and evaluation strategies for the program.

    The appointment included the following:

    1. Reviewing the draft program logic, design and rationale which establish a logical connection between the stated policy goals, the proposed program-level results, outcomes and proposed program level strategies.
    2. Making recommendations relating to the draft program design and associated documentation, including draft service-level outcomes and key performance indicators for AHP service providers contracted after June 2020.
    3. Developing service-level performance reporting and analysis tools such as a reporting guide and template for service providers and a performance analysis template for contract managers.
    4. Developing draft AHP program guidelines.