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Evaluation and Advisory Services

Evaluation and Advisory Services

Quantum Consulting Australia deliver the following key evaluation and advisory services:

  • Program and Policy Evaluation
  • Consultation and Data Collection
  • Statistical Modelling and Data Analysis

  • i) Program and Policy Evaluation:

    Quantum Consulting has extensive experience in conducting program and policy evaluation and review services for government and commercial organisations.

    Quantum Consulting has developed a strategic and solution-focused approach to program and policy evaluations and reviews.

    The Quantum Approach to program and policy evaluations and reviews is generally based upon an eight-step model, however this can be adapted to meet the requirements of our clients. The flexible approach is used to effectively and efficiently conduct evaluations and reviews, whilst ensuring the evaluation and review is comprehensive and appropriate to its context.

    The eight steps of this model include:

    1. Project initiation and planning
    2. Evaluation framework and logic review
    3. Desktop review/Literature review
    4. Evaluation kit
    5. Stakeholder consultation and data collection
    6. Data analysis
    7. Reporting
    8. Post-project review

    Quantum Consulting has the capacity and capability to deliver the following types of evaluations :

  • Formative evaluation
  • Participatory evaluations
  • Impact evaluation
  • Program theory evaluation
  • Utilisation-Focused evaluations
  • Process evaluation
  • Metaevaluation
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    ii) Consultation and Data Collection:

    The ability to appropriately, effectively and efficiently obtain data and information from stakeholders is a large determinant as to the quality of the outcomes that will be achieved in an evaluation.

    Quantum Consulting has proven experience in developing consultation methodologies that are flexible and appropriate to the project context.

    Our personnel have extensive expertise in conducting local, state and national program and policy evaluations. In particular, Quantum Consulting has the capacity and skills required to undertake consultation with a range of equity groups, and develop methodologies for overcoming potential complexities and barriers that may occur during consultations.

    Methods used by Quantum Consulting in previous evaluations and reviews to conduct stakeholder consultation include:

  • Online, mail, telephone surveys
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Workshops
  • Open space consultation
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    iii) Statistical Modelling and Data Analysis:

    The method of data collection and the mode of analysis are vital to ensuring valid and reliable output that can be interpreted to base or support key findings of an evaluation.

    At Quantum Consulting, our experience and expertise can assist clients in designing statistical models that can alleviate issues commonly experienced in the data analysis phase of evaluations. These issues include:

  • Inadequate response rate
  • Response/sampling bias
  • Data gaps
  • Misinterpretation of data and findings
  • Examples of the data analysis and statistical models used by Quantum Consulting include:

  • Regression models
  • Item Response Theory / Rasch Item Response Model
  • Linear and logistic regression
  • Concept mapping
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