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Compliance and Baseline Audits

Compliance and Baseline Audits

Below are examples of previous compliance and baseline audits that have been undertaken by members of the Consulting Team.

Review of the Royalties for Regions Acquittals

Quantum Consulting Australia were engaged to review the acquittal report of a major housing development project in Western Australia, funded by Royalties for Regions.

The Review assessed the extent to which the acquittal documents met the requirements as set out by the Departments guidelines. An additional assessment was undertaken in relation to the acquittal process.

This compliance assessment utilised a rating scale to identify areas that required improvement in future projects. Considerations included:

  • Document compliance
  • Aim of the Project
  • Project achievements
  • Results achieved
  • Achievement of Royalties for Regions principles
  • Project governance/management
  • Local content
  • Project continuation
  • Project budget
  • Leveraged funding
  • Assessment of Indigenous Housing Organisations pursuant to the Housing Management Standards Framework (HMSF)

    Following the Rolling Reviews of Indigenous Community Housing Organisations (ICHOs), Quantum Consulting was appointed to report on the progress made in implementing the action plans from the previous rolling reviews and identify any constraints or modifications that needed to be made to assist the IHO to implement the action plans. As part of the process, Quantum Consulting assessed the IHO’s capabilities in relation to the HMSF Standards and made recommendations on any further opportunities to enhance the organisation’s compliance with the standards.

    Review into the Use of Education Agents by CRICOS Registered Providers

    Quantum Consulting was appointed to identify and describe current practices by Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) registered providers in meeting their responsibilities under the National Code in relation to the use of education agents.

    The Review identified how providers who use education agents ensure that those agents act in compliance with the National Code in the areas of the provision of marketing, student information and student recruitment and placement. The Review also identified how providers deal with agents found to be acting in contravention of the National Code and conversely best practice approaches for dissemination to all registered providers.

    Review of the Community Resource Centres

    The Department of Regional Development and Lands engaged Quantum Consulting Australia to conduct a Review of the WA Telecentre Network Community Resource Centres to assess the level of operation and services provided by Community Resource Centres located in Western Australia. As part of the review, the Project Team travelled to over 100 Community Resource Centres throughout Western Australia and conducted an audit of the existing infrastructure and service provision, and the likely future demand and the future funding requirements for each Centre.

    Feasibility Study for the Formation of a Regional Council to Deliver Remote Area Municipal Services

    The purpose of this feasibility study was to evaluate the merits of a Regional Local Government approach to improve delivery of municipal services to Indigenous communities. As part of the study community visits were undertaken to seek information (associated with municipal services).

    The initial phase of the study was to conduct an audit into the level and type of existing municipal service delivery and the delivery standards for each community.

    An output of the baseline audit was to identify the costings for delivering the services to each community and the resource requirements in order to effectively deliver the services through a regional local government service delivery model.